The Dark

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The dark, oh the dark!
It’s not really so stark, the dark.
Just a time without light, a bark without bite.
A time to rest from the glare of the sun,
A time to get something done, or undone.

Inside your mother you could not see.
The womb of the world is a black hole in space.
The dark is the place of fertility.
In the dark you can see your original face.

Without the dark we would not know there was light.
We would never see day without seeing the night.
And there’s nothing to fear, really nothing to fear,
This darkness keeps turning our way every year.

So the season of darkness is here once again,
And sometimes it feels like it never will end.
But the sun is reborn every year at this time,
And out of the dark will be born the sublime,
And maybe even a new paradigm
That will light up the world and continue to shine.

So just keep the faith, and have little doubt
That soon the sun will decide to come out.
It will shine much longer and stronger each day,
And the dark will retreat and the cold go away.
So friends, when the winter has truly begun,
know that you soon will arise like the sun.

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