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Wes “Scoop” Nisker is a teacher of Buddhist mindfulness meditation, an author, performerand radio commentator. On this site you can find his books, CDs and DVD, his teaching and event schedule, his regular blog entries, and various surprises and epiphanies.

Finally available! For Free! The extraordinary newscast/sound collages of me, Wes `Scoop’ Nisker. Originally broadcast on the legendary KSAN in San Francisco from 1968 through the late 70’s, these shows both helped to define and express the counter-culture of that era. The broadcasts were eventually made into an hour long documentary for NPR entitled “A Decade In Your Ear,” now available here for free. You will hear the voices of presidents, people in the streets, the Swami from Miami, and many celebrities of the political and cultural movements of the era. It’s a MUST HEAR! Just click below!

  1. Welcome
  2. The War
  3. It’s Oil Over Now
  4. Kickin’ the Dick Around
  5. Eek-ology
  6. Turn On, Drop Out
  7. The Swami Speaks

Also on this page, be sure to listen to a newly added piece, The Summer of Love Forever, a Scoop commentary that captures the spirit of the counter-cultures of all eras.

The Summer of Love Forever
Get the CD on

Scoop’s more recent radio commentaries can be found in the archives on the website of KFOG-FM. In the near future some of these shows will be available on this site for listening or downloading.

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