The DVD: Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Again
A comic monologue with original songs exploring the human condition and the joys and sorrows of living in the modern age. Hear “The Subatomic Shuffle,” “The Boomer’s Song,” several of Scoop’s timeless newscasts, and much more.

“His performance, laced with his original songs, manages to make suffering a knee-slapper. He delivers Zen zingers with Borsht Belt timing.”  — New York Times

“Deeply wise, wonderfully insightful, delightfully humorous.” — Utne Reader

“Scoop’s show is not just crazy. It is wisdom, exactly the kind we need today. It points to satiric truths about science, the American empire, and the humanoid condition. Also, the show is very, very funny.” — Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet

Confirming, uplifting, enlightening!”  — KFOG-FM, San Francisco

“This show is fantastic and hilarious.” — Ram Dass

“Scoop Nisker is the missing link between sit-down meditation and stand-up comedy.” — Paul Krassner, editor of The Realist 

“Brilliant, original, consciousness expanding, profound, mysterious and very funny. Oh, the audacious joy of crazy wisdom! What more could you ask?” — Jack Kornfield, Buddhist teacher and author



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