Friends! Earthlings! Humans! Who are we, and why are we here? What are this life and universe all about? You can explore these big existential questions with me through this website, and have a few good laughs along the way.

Through this site you can purchase any of my books, as well as a DVD of my comic monologue.

“Nisker’s book (Essential Crazy Wisdom) is twenty-three times more liberating than the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran combined. It may be crazy to say such a thing but it is also wise.”  — Tom Robbins, author

ASK FOR IT, READ IT! Laugh and be enlightenedNow in bookstores everywhere is my latest book: YOU ARE NOT YOUR FAULT and OTHER REVELATIONSThe Collected Wit and Wisdom of Wes `Scoop’ Nisker

 I have posted on this website (just click “blog”) one of my favorite pieces of writing from the past few years, “The Practice of Geezing.” (IT’S IN THE BOOK!) Enjoy! And to meet up with some of your long lost ancestors just read my commentary, “Ancestors of Awakening.” For insight into your true nature check out “A Fool’s Paradise,” and for the latest on our universe go to the commentary “Just Another Planet.” Many of these commentaries are also available at the Huffington Post where I am a contributor.

LISTEN UP! SCOOP’S RADIO ARCHIVES ARE HERE NOW! Finally available, some of my best newscast/sound collages originally broadcast on the legendary KSAN in San Francisco from 1968 through the late 70’s, these shows both helped to define and express the counter-culture of that era. Click “RADIO ARCHIVES” and listen. It’s a MUST HEAR!

On the Radio Archives page be sure to listen to a newly added piece The Summer of Love Forever, a Scoop commentary that captures the spirit of the counter-cultures of all eras.

My popular riff on “Growing Older” and “The Boomer’s Song” are now both on YouTube! You can get a DVD of my entire comic monologue through this web site. It’s called “Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Again!”

AN ARTICLE OF RECORD: “Leave `Em Laughing, But Also Enlightened.” Read an article I wrote for the New York Times, published in the business section on Sunday, August 18th in the column “Preoccupations.”


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